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Arthritis Treatment In Toronto


Arthritis Treatment with Medical Cannabis

Arthritis is a broader name for a variety of joint and bone conditions. While rheumatoid is an autoimmune disorder, osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. The symptoms of arthritis vary from one to another, depending on the type they are suffering from. Fatigue and morning stiffness are common, as are pain and joint swelling. At our clinic, we bring to the arthritis affected patients, a full-spectrum arthritis treatment Toronto that involves the use of cannabis and not prescription drugs.

The Known Causes of Arthritis

There are innumerable health issues that can lead to arthritis. While in some cases arthritis is the syndrome, in others, it is only a symptom is an underlying condition. Here are some reasons in which arthritis finds entry into the human skeletal framework.

Strains We Prescribe for Arthritis Treatment

There are 5 chosen strains that are known to have advantage over others in treatment Toronto. Our doctors like to administer these strains individually or collectively to treat arthritic conditions. The strains that always make a part of our arthritis treatment Toronto are:


Our patients have experienced a 30% reduction in their symptoms in the first week of their medication. Our cannabis doctors Toronto prescribe cannabis creams and ointments for external application in cases of early stage. The dosage should be taken as prescribed by the specialists at our cannabis clinic Toronto for best and fast results.

Take an appointment with one of our experts to get your joint problems diagnosed and treated soonest with the help of medicinal marijuana.