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How Effective Medical Marijuana Treatments Really Are

Anything that has upended the norm, impartial of its discipline or outcome has always been deemed questionable. We happen to have a critical eye for anything that is outside the realm of seen and heard. Similar weed treatment was met out in Toronto when it first emerged as a parallel to modern medicine. Brows were raised, some scoffed among the bigoted responses. Sustaining the relentless dismissal, this branch of medicine continued to grow, delivering some wondrous curatives to critical and chronic conditions on the way. Nevertheless, the question still poses itself to its proponents and practitioners whether it indeed has some real benefits, or is it still a junkies’ excuse.

Numbers and Figures

In 2013, a survey was conducted nationally by a popular medicine journal to find the facts behind the advertisement. 8 out of 10 doctors in the sample population approved this medication. That pumped up the curiosity of the surveyors. They set up a questionnaire seeking responses to particular questions that are often shot by the non-users. A population of patients who have undergone the treatment was brought together to solve this conundrum. 92% of the chosen respondents admitted to have been helped by medical cannabis treatment for their respective conditions.

Areas of Application

The chosen mass of patients each had a history or an existing serious condition. From the responses gathered, it was evident that marijuana treatment has relieved, or at least helped them in serious conditions like migraine, arthritis, Lyme’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and even cancer. Today, a considerable section of people resort to cannabis treatment to experience perceivable difference in the condition. Experienced medical marijuana doctors in Toronto assures that it is formulated for adults of all age, gender and sex. FDA approves a selected few cannabis medication which throws light on the potency of this treatment.