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Is Medical Marijuana legal in Canada?

Yes. In 2011, Canada became the first nation to legalize medical marijuana after the Canadian Court of Appeal declared medical marijuana prohibition unconstitutional. This regulation allowed patients to possess marijuana with a license issued by the Government, with the application being signed off by a physician. In 2014, the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) made accessing medical cannabis significantly easier, as a government issued license is no longer required. Patients can now possess medical marijuana with a prescription issued by a practicing Canadian physician, which authorizes them to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed producer. However, it is important to note, marijuana for recreational use still remains illegal.

How Does It Work?

The special compounds found in cannabis plants known as cannabinoids are effective in relieving symptoms of certain medical conditions by when they attach themselves to receptors in the brain. These receptors in the brain look for similar compounds in the brain that cannabinoids produce such as dopamine. Depending on the medical cannabis administered, different compounds can produce different physical and psychological effects.

What are some common side effects of medical cannabis?
  • fatigue, headache dizziness ;
  • nausea and vomiting; fast heartbeat
  • disturbances in attention, concentration; impaired memory;
  • dry mouth, throat irritation, coughing;
Is Medical Marijuana addictive?

Many research studies have proven the overall addiction potential of cannabis to be less than caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. However, frequent use or long-term abuse can lead to increased tolerance, dependence, and/or withdrawal during discontinued use.

Am I a candidate for medical cannabis or prescription cannabinoids?

A qualified doctor will examine and assess your situation and condition to determine whether you are a candidate for a medical document for medical cannabis. Remember the only way to retrieve an appointment at the Medical Cannabis Clinic is through referral from your doctor.

How do I get referred to Medical Cannabis Clinic?

When you have a condition where you and your doctor have considered medical cannabis to be an option for your treatment, your doctor can refer you to us through our online referral form. In the case where you have exhausted all your options with your doctor and you are not able to seek a referral, please contact us at 1(855) 477-9861.

What is the process for getting an appointment at Medical Cannabis Clinic?

Once we have your referral from your doctor, we will make an appointment for an assessment and examination with a doctor. If you are given a medical document (prescription) for medical cannabis, you will work with a Cannabis Counsellor to determine the best strain for your treatment and help you connect with a Licensed Provider.

Is Medical Marijuana covered by health insurance or OHIP?

Medical cannabis is not covered by OHIP, and rarely by private insurance companies. However, your visits to health professionals at medical marijuana clinics, along with some products you obtain through a medical document, is covered by OHIP.

What is the cost of Medical Marijuana?

Licensed Providers set the fees for medical cannabis, and prices can range from $3 to $12 per gram, depending on various factors such as the dosage and condition.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Be sure to bring the following to your appointment:

  • An OHIP card
  • List of Current and past medications
  • Any documentation that supports your medical history including notes of diagnoses, X-Rays or other medical result documentation