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Medical Cannabis Doctors In Toronto

Our physicians have years of experience treating patients with clinical marijuana. The medical marijuana doctors in Toronto working with us have helped treat patients with terminal conditions, like cancer, through adjunctive prescription of cannabis. Our cannabis doctors Toronto have also been highly successful in restoring the health of patients suffering from asthma, Parkinson, diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and more!

Since the treatment involves administration of marijuana that is known to be addictive and possess hallucinogenic properties, our medical marijuana doctors in Toronto prescribe conservatively and even so, minimally. During the course of the treatment, a medical marijuana doctor Toronto keeps themselves in constant communication with their patients to stay informed about their treatment. This helps them make adequate adjustments to the dosage and choreograph a treatment that proves to be effective in cases where other drugs have failed.

Our cannabis doctors Toronto are not only certified to prescribe cannabis medicines, but have years of experience in researching and examining this practice. Book your first appointment with our cannabis doctors Toronto today for a full consultation.

Referring Patients

When choosing to seek support from Medical Cannabis Clinics, you gain access to a team of
professionals with a strong set of operating principles that include:

  • 1A conservative approach to the prescribing and dosing of medical cannabis, prescribing only what the patient needs for their specific condition.
  • 2Consistent and ongoing communication patients by our team of health professionals through the medical cannabis treatment journey.
  • 3Specialization in pain management, with an awareness of our limitations of practice where we make referrals to other trusted practitioners when required.
  • 4Continuous learning keeps us informed about the latest research and practices in medical cannabis, and we work to help our patients understand new and emerging medicines and treatments.
  • How Do I Make Patient Referrals?

    Complete the patient referral form (Referral Form), and please fax (844) 477-9861 or mail referrals@medcannabisclinics.ca  the form and we will contact your patient directly.

    How much does the appointment cost at MCC?

    The appointment is covered by OHIP.

  • What kind of education will Medical Cannabis Clinics provide my patients?

    Medical Cannabis Clinics will guide your patient through each step of the process of being assessed for and being prescribed medical cannabis. We will ensure that the patient understands how to safely and effectively use medical cannabis though providing them an advanced understanding of how cannabinoids work and the differences between certain strains.