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PTSD Treatment In Toronto


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have varying symptoms in children and adults. The condition develops as a consequence of a traumatic event that affects the psychological makeup adversely. As a result of the shock, patients may suffer from distressing recollection of the incident, nightmares, disruptive sleep cycles, emotional numbness and avoidance of people. We, at Med Cannabis Clinic, a PTSD treatment Toronto center, offer help with medicinal cannabis. The product has proven to be conducive to recovery from depression, anxiety and stress. Very recently, PTSD treatment Toronto doctors have come to accept the healing properties of cannabis. So while the mainstream medication has nothing in specific to offer patients relief from this condition, we have something very effective in the alternate lane.

How We Use Cannabis to Treat PTSD

It took extensive research, studies, and examination in order to establish how cannabis can be integrated in the PTSD treatment Toronto. Post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by a drop in the anandamide level in the blood. Anandamide is a cannabinoid compound of endogenous nature that is targeted through the medical weed treatment Toronto.

PTSD treatment Toronto studies have shown that people who are not suffering from PTSD have a comparatively higher level of anandamide. Our doctors aim to replenish this deficiency through prescription of marijuana in the required dosage to the patients. As the equilibrium of anandamide is restored, the patients start to feel a decrease of severity and consistency in the symptoms they face. Our PTSD treatment Toronto medicines work to normalize the signaling of the CB-1 receptors which prompts the mind to forget the event of trauma. Over the course of the PTSD treatment Toronto, patients also experience depression less. The medication prescribed at our cannabis clinic Toronto has a parallel effect on chronic depression and anxiety.

Active Ingredients in Cannabis and Dosage

Among the many components of marijuana, THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is one which is the key psychoactive element found in the plant. The concentration of this compound in marijuana can vary from 1% to 30%, depending on the methods of cultivation involved and strain. Our cannabis doctors Toronto usually go by a minimal dose to see how the patients respond to the treatment. Medical cannabis treatments are prescribed in the form of oil, flower, wax, tinctures and food products.

This medication is fully safe and FDA approved.